How To: How high is your landfill?

How high is your landfill?

Think about how many things you truly throw in the trash, and how many times you empty your trash, only to be taken away by the garbage man and out of your sight. Well, the truth is that its not exactly out of your life. Statistics show that on average each person uses 350 trash bags each year, thats 100 billion all together, and the worst part aboput this fact is that it takes up to 500 years for each of the bags to decay. Thats right in your city at your landfill, bags pileing up, polluting the air your breathing, and making the surrounding area have a fowl smell, as well as causing us to use more energy simply to manage our laziness. Now thats just statistics for plastic bags... there are many other things we through away that we think we could never use, but the truth is, that just about anything that is recycable can be re used by the same owner, for something necessary. THink about this next time you have a trash can at your house and throw something away. Stop, use some old boxes, or storage units and create recycling bins; then take an additional half hour to recycle once a week, maybe you'll meet a new friend, shed a couple pounds, find a sence of accomplishment, hmm just maybe you'll see the difference recycaling makes.. after all our resources aren't going to be here forever, and I sure do like looking up the night sky and the stars!

Source cited: FSC, Change The World For Ten Bucks.

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